Thermal Analysis System DSC 5+

The New Standard.

MultiStar™ sensor with 136 thermocouples

Exceptional sensitivity for the measurement of weak effects.

Power compensation

Provides outstanding resolution for separating close-lying effects.

Patented electrical heat flow adjustment

Saves time and ensures excellent measurement accuracy.

Material No.: 30674095

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In-Depth Online Presentation of the DSC 5+

Click here to go to our in-depth online presentation of the new DSC 5+ instrument and automation options, the new MMS 1 sensor, and the AI-Powered identification and evaluation of all of types of thermal effects.

Specifications - Thermal Analysis System DSC 5+
Temperature Range
-150 °C – 700 °C
Temperature accuracy (±)
+/-0.2 K
Signal Time Constant
0.7 s
Indium peak (height to width)
Cooling rate
0.001 to 50 K/min
TAWN resolution
TAWN sensitivity
Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
Sensor Output
Heat Flow
Data Sampling
Max. 50 data pts/sec
Glass Transition
Heat Capacity (cp)
Oxidation Induction Time (OIT)
Temperature Modulated DSC
Sensor Types
Temperature precision (+/-)
0.02 K
Heating Rate
0.001 to 200 K/min

FlexMode™ technology

choose power compensation or heat flux mode for optimal DSC performance

Time-saving FlexCal™ adjustment

Guarantees accurate results under all measurement conditions.

Unrivalled modular concept

Tailor-made solutions for current and future needs.

Wide temperature range

From -150 to 700 °C in one measurement.

Robot with gas-purged sample chamber

The optional sample robot protects samples from the environment and operates reliably around the clock.


This option is a combined LN2 cooling and intracooler for accessing the entire temperature range with reduced liquid nitrogen consumption.


Thermal Analysis Options and Accessories

Material No.: 119410


Alumina Crucibles for Thermal Analysis

Aluminum oxide crucibles

Material No.: 51140843

Aluminum Crucibles for Thermal Analysis

Aluminum Crucibles

Material No.: 26763

Aluminum Crucibles

Material No.: 51119870

Aluminum Crucibles

Material No.: 51119810

Aluminum Crucibles

Material No.: 51119872

Gold Crucibles for Thermal Analysis

Set of 6 gold crucibles with lids. The gold pan is chemically resistant. Other than some types of aluminum pans, it is the only pan that can be hermetically sealed by cold welding. The maximum permitted pressure is 0.25 MPa.

Material No.: 27220

High Pressure Crucibles for Thermal Analysis

Set of 25 crucibles (without pin), lids and rupture disks. The gold-plated steel crucibles have proven highly effective in the field of safety investigations. They can only be used for one measurement each. The maximum pressure is 15 MPa.

Material No.: 26731

Platinum Crucibles for Thermal Analysis

Platinum Crucibles

Material No.: 51140842


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Thermal Analysis System DSC 5+