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    ICS685 Weighing Terminals

    Intuitive weighing when speed and accuracy count

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    Application / FeaturesBasic weighing, counting, checkweighing, totalizing, database, user management, filling, alphanumeric keypad
    Number of attachable platforms4 scales can be connected (maximum 2 analog platforms)


    Case Studies

    Validated system phase-out without production loss
    Customer: CIMEX AG, Liesberg, Switzerland
    When Safety is Critical: Asiatic Agricultural Industries Converts to EX (Weighing Equipment for Hazardous Areas)
    Businesses grow. Weighing equipment should be adaptable to change and grow with it. This can be particularly important when plants modernize. Employee...


    Ideal Dispensing Station
    This new application note explains how a properly designed dispensing station can help prevent out-of-specification batches.
    Engineering Note
    Engineering note providing a step by step guideline for establishing basic connectivity to Siemens and Allen-Bradley PLC-Systems for functionally test...
    Compliant Packaging with Scales
    Ship bulk goods exactly, verify product packages for intactness and print labels. Weighing technology can help you fulfill customer orders accurately....
    Top Performance With Innovative Blending Solutions
    Human error is the biggest source of risk in manual formulation. The enhanced IND560fillplus weighing terminal helps to automate critical blending ste...
    Application Note: Counting Solutions for Lean Production
    Verify production quantities with easy-to-use and fail-safe weighing solutions.


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    Date & Time (on screen and printout)yes   
    Straight weighingyes   
    Totalizing to a Targetyes   
    Over / Underyes   
    Statistic functions
    Scale connectionyes (3 scales)   
    Databaseyes (30´000)   
    Regular calibration checkyes   
    Alibi / Transaction Memory (300´000)yes/yes   
    Software to manage databaseyes   
    User managementyes   
    User definable soft keysyes   
    User promptingyes   
    Option IP 65yes   
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