Legal-for-Trade Approved Platform Scales

Versatile, Trade-Approved Platform Scales for Business Transactions

Legal-for-trade platform scales are rigorously tested and certified for use in industries where products are sold by weight. With legal-for-trade platform scales, you can conduct business transactions with confidence, knowing that your equipment performance is verified, transparent, and aligned with industry standards. Our legal-for-trade platform scales offer the precision and reliability you need for every trade.

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How do you know if a platform scale is legal for trade?

Look for trade approval markings, check the documentation, or verify with the manufacturer. The specific requirements for markings on legal-for-trade platform scales may vary depending on the country or region, as different countries have their own regulations and standards.

METTLER TOLEDO legal-for-trade platform scales undergo rigorous testing and certification, ensuring their suitability for business transactions. Our trade-approved platform scales are sealed at the point of manufacture to prevent tampering and to help you pass audits conducted by relevant regulatory bodies. 

What does legal-for-trade mean on a platform scale?

Legal-for-trade on a scale means that the platform scale has undergone rigorous testing, inspection, and certification by relevant weights and measures authorities or legal metrology institutes such as the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) and the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) to ensure its compliance with specific legal requirements for commercial use. The certification process for legal-for-trade platform scales involves thorough evaluation and verification of accuracy, repeatability, and stability. 

Do I need trade-approved platform scales?

Whether you need trade-approved platform scales depends on the specific requirements and regulations in your country or region, as well as the nature of your business. Some factors to determine if you need trade-approved platform scales are to check legal requirements of your location, industry standards and inspection and audits. 

METTLER TOLEDO offers Good Weighing Practice™  to help you select the right scale that is fit-for-purpose for your business. With our GWP® recommendation, you can purchase equipment with precision that meets your process and quality requirements.