Waterproof Platform Scales

Industrial Water-Resistant Weighing, Use in Wet Environments

Waterproof platform scales are designed to operate in wet or demanding conditions and withstand washdown processes. With a rating of IP66 or higher, our waterproof platform scales resist water and moisture ingress to continue optimal performance in challenging environments. These stainless-steel platforms help to streamline cleaning processes and minimize contamination risks.

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FAQs - Platform Scales

How does a waterproof platform scale work?

Waterproof platform scales are designed to resist water and moisture. These scales feature sealed enclosures, safeguarding the load cells and sensitive components. The waterproof platform scales are built with durable stainless steel and can handle hosing down, steam cleaning, and even harsh environments involving caustic chemicals and food processing. Whether your process requires portion control, net weight filling, or pre-weighing components, our waterproof platform scales deliver fast, accurate results and reliable durability.

Are weighing scales waterproof?

Not all weighing scales are waterproof. Waterproof platform scales are specifically designed to protect internal components, such as the load cells and electronics. Waterproof platform scales are suitable for wet and humid environments and are commonly used in industries such as food processing, chemical, agriculture and other applications where sanitary standards and regular cleaning are necessary. 

Why is a waterproof platform scale important?

The main reasons why waterproof platform scales are important are to prevent cross-contamination, maintain high levels of hygiene, and ensure regulatory compliance. Waterproof platform scales are a necessity in preventing contamination, due to their ease of sanitization. With waterproof designs, these scales can be effortlessly cleaned, allowing for a hygienic and safe weighing environment. Moreover, the use of waterproof platform scales helps businesses meet regulatory requirements for accurate weighing, trade approvals, and compliance with industry standards. This supports the safety and efficacy of products, reducing the risk of product recalls and legal consequences.

What is the IP rating for waterproof platform scales?

Ingress protection for waterproof platform scales defines the amount of liquid and/or solid particles such as dust or water that can penetrate electrical equipment. The first digit indicates the degree of protection against solid particles while the second digit represents protection against moisture. METTLER TOLEDO offers a range of waterproof platform scales with various IP ratings catering to your specific application and environment.