Specialty Pipettes - METTLER TOLEDO

The Right Tool for the Job

Rainin offers a wide selection of specialized liquid handling instruments for dense, viscous or volatile samples, aggressive solvents and large volume transfers.

  • Positive displacement pipettes
  • Repeater pipettes
  • Pipet controller
  • Large-volume dispensers


Ideally suited for dense, viscous and high-vapor-pressure liquids. Easy-load capillaries / pistons prevent cross-contamination and complete sample dispensing.

  • Volume ranges 0.5-1000 µL
  • Pre-sterilized and pre-assembled pistons/capillaries in racks

Precise and accurate repeater pipettes with quickly-attachable syringes simplify repeat pipetting. Automated volume setting on the electronic model.

  • Electronic AutoRep E volume range: 1 µL to 50 ml
  • Manual AutoRep S volume range: 2 µL to 5 mL

Light and versatile for sample volumes up to 100 mL. Smooth operation via pressure sensitive speed control buttons. Ergonomic pistol-grip.

  • Accepts plastic and glass pipets up to 100 mL
  • Fast recharging, 8-hour operation

Safe large volume dispensing with bottle-top dispensers. Easy control with fill and discharge tubes for almost any application. Safety features prevent accidental spills.

  • Four models fit volume ranges from 0.5 to 50 mL


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