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vacuum aspiration system

Vacuum Aspiration System

Ideal Assistant for Cell Culture

A vacuum aspiration system speeds liquid removal for workflows such as primary and secondary cell cultures, suspension cultures, DNA, RNA and protein extraction. QuickFlow is easy to use, easy to clean, compact and automatically shuts off when the reservoir is full. Multiple liquid ends, a continuous flow mode and autoclavable quick-connectors make this high quality benchtop vacuum aspiration system ideal for removing waste liquid from cell culture media.

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Advantages of the QuickFlow Vacuum Aspiration System


QuickFlow Aspirator
The Rainin QuickFlow benchtop aspirator combines exceptional ergonomics with a broad range of features and conveniences.
QuickFlow User Manual
Download the user manual for the Rainin QuickFlow, a benchtop liquid aspirator system made by Rainin.
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What type of chemical reagents can be used with QuickFlow?

Low concentration (<30%) solvents can be used. Higher concentration chemicals may harm the interior of the handle.

Can the QuickFlow portable aspirator be used as part of a vacuum manifold setup?

Yes, you can use the QuickFlow with a larger vacuum manifold. 

Can QuickFlow be used in a biosafety cabinet?

Yes, both the base unit and handle of the QuickFlow can be used in a biosafety cabinet.

Can the handle assembly be used with any central vacuum aspiration system?

Yes, as well as the tubing provided in the handle kit. Other standard tubing used for vacuum removal in the lab can also be used to connect the handle.

Do LTS tips fit on the single- and multi-tip adapters?

No, they will not work with LTS tips. QuickFlow adapters have been designed for universal-fit (UNV) pipette tips.

Can filter tips be used with single- or multi-tip adapters?

No, this is not advised. Do not use filter tips or filtered Pasteur pipettes with QuickFlow.

Which QuickFlow parts are autoclavable?

The QuickFlow handle, adapters, tubes, caps and collection bottle are all autoclavable.

Should I autoclave the full collecting bottle of supernatant / used culture media before emptying it?

Yes, this is recommended. Autoclave a full collecting bottle to eliminate infectious or other problematic constituents of collected liquid.