Values and Policies

Performance with integrity is a fundamental value that supports all our corporate values. As much as innovative products, our success is built on sustaining an organizational culture committed to lawful and ethical behavior.


Our commitment to performance with integrity means not only committing to lawful and ethical behavior ourselves, but also taking care to partner only with like-minded individuals and organizations. We seek to always operate ethically and responsibly with our employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and shareholders.


Code of Conduct

The METTLER TOLEDO Code of Conduct provides general guidance for resolving a variety of legal and ethical questions. It is applicable to all employees and the Board of Directors.  

Read more about our Code of Conduct

Supplier Commitments

Further commitments we require from our suppliers, in addition to our Business Partner Code of Conduct, are detailed in our standard procurement documents, which are available at on our Supplier Portal

See our Supplier Portal

See our Responsible Sourcing Guidelines for additional information on how we integrate responsible sourcing practices in our supply chain.

Responsible Sourcing Guidelines

Corporate Governance Guidelines

We recognize that strong corporate governance and transparent reporting are key drivers of long-term sustainability.

Our approach is described in comprehensive corporate governance guidelines

Ethical, Social, and Quality Standards

The standards we apply to our own actions as a company are set out in our Ethical, Social, and Quality Standards. We are committed to applying these standards to all our businesses worldwide.

METTLER TOLEDO Ethical, Social and Quality Standards

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We foster an inclusive One Team culture and believe in treating each other with respect and fairness at all times. We value the differences of diverse individuals from around the world and want to leverage the diverse thinking, skills, experience, and working styles of our employees.

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Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

METTLER TOLEDO is an equal opportunity employer. We want to have the best available person in every job, and we base our personnel actions, policies, and practices on the principles of equal employment opportunity.

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Environmental Policy

We are committed to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner that minimizes adverse impacts on the environment.

Read more about our environmental policy

Political Participation Policy

METTLER TOLEDO has a long-standing policy of not participating in or contributing to political campaigns, individuals, or groups, and does not take positions in public policy debates.

Read more about our political participation policy

Transparency in the Supply Chain

We describe here actions we are taking to uphold human rights in our supply chain.

Statement on Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Transparency in the Supply Chain

Conflict Minerals Report

Our commitment with respect to “conflict minerals” is set out in our Ethical, Social, and Quality Standards. We file a Conflict Minerals Report as an exhibit to our annual Form SD filing.

Download the Conflict Minerals Report

Contacting the Ombudsman

Maintaining a high integrity culture means communicating clear standards and responding appropriately to violations.

For more information regarding our standards or to report violations, you may contact our Ombudsman.

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