A Word from the CEO - METTLER TOLEDO

A Word from the CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

We embarked on an important journey in 2010 when we launched our GreenMT sustainability program to take a probing look at all aspects of our activities. Our goal then was to minimize our impact on the environment while at the same time realizing value for the company. Sustainable development is critical in both protecting the environment and ensuring the long-term success of our company. It touches all aspects of our business, from designing and producing our products, to selling and delivering them to our customers. A sustainable mindset guides us to make the right decisions for our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate.

This year METTLER TOLEDO broadened the scope of its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting. We conducted a materiality assessment to evaluate each relevant topic from three perspectives: how it impacts our company’s value creation, how various stakeholders perceive it, and how much impact our actions can have on it.

We recognized that we could extend the success of the core GreenMT program and promote sustainability more broadly with suppliers, customers, and employees. As a result, we expanded the scope of our GreenMT program to cover five strategic topics as follows:

  1. Reduced energy use and emissions,
  2. Green products and services,
  3. Responsible supply chain,
  4. Engaged employees, and
  5. Good corporate governance.

Furthermore, we aligned our GreenMT goals to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals where we believe we can have the greatest impact.

Thanks to the creativity and dedication of our employees, we have completed more than 500 efficiency projects related to lighting, heating, air conditioning, and our fleet. Due to the effectiveness of these efforts, we surpassed our original goal to reduce our carbon footprint by 20 percent compared with 2010 (relative CO2 emissions per net sales). Although we are already highly efficient compared to most companies, we can do more. We are committing to a new target to reduce our relative CO2 emissions per net sales by 30 percent by the end of 2025 compared with 2010.

Our culture of continuous improvement and strong execution means we are constantly reviewing our performance and progress in all areas of sustainability, which helps us prioritize our efforts. For example, besides reducing our relative CO2 emissions, we are focusing on increasing the proportion of energy we consume from renewable sources. And we are continuing to drive employee engagement so that we can attract, develop, and retain the best employees.

This report measures progress and highlights accomplishments since our Sustainability Report 2017. We have followed the standards from the Global Reporting Initiative, with a focus to report publicly on economic, environmental, and social topics that are material to us. We invite you to take some time to review our progress and our plans as we continue our journey toward being a more sustainable organization.



Olivier A. Filliol 
President and Chief Executive Officer 

May 2019


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