Expectation towards our suppliers

Corporate Responsibility

Our cooperation with business partners is built on our Business Partner Code of Conduct. We expect our partners to follow this code to ensure responsible and ethical practices throughout our supply chain. The code includes our standards on human rights, labor practices, environmental stewardship, and business integrity. Additionally, please consult our Values and Policies. Our commitment to ESG is evident through the success of our GreenMT Corporate Responsibility program.

Reliable Performance and Flexibility

Our suppliers must meet our high standards, including delivering the agreed-upon purchase order quantity on time and with zero defects. We prioritize quality in all aspects of our business and hold our suppliers to the same level of excellence. We regularly monitor their performance to ensure they meet our expectations.

We provide reliable and agile supply chain solutions and recognize that supplier flexibility is crucial in meeting our customers' evolving needs. A flexible supplier should be able to adapt to changing requirements and provide customized solutions to meet unique demands.

Technological Capabilities

We strive to surpass our customers' expectations with innovative and high-quality products. We foster a culture of continuous improvement to achieve sustainable breakthrough performance. Our suppliers can contribute to this culture by engaging in Value Engineering (VE) or joint improvement activities, which aim to optimize the value of products or services and identify areas for cost reduction and performance enhancement.

Risk Management

Effective risk management is applied throughout our entire supply chain, including the financial stability of our suppliers, to ensure consistency and reliability. We regularly monitor and evaluate our suppliers, working with them to develop mitigation strategies that minimize potential issues. Our contingency plans also account for unexpected events or disruptions to our supply chain, allowing us to respond quickly and effectively.


Our aim is to work with our suppliers to create a more efficient and cost-effective supply chain, resulting in reduced total cost of ownership. We value an optimized supply chain, which is an integral part of our corporate culture and crucial to our long-term success.

Becoming a METTLER TOLEDO supplier

If you are forseen to become a supplier with Mettler Toledo, you can expect to undergo a series of processes:

  • Supplier Evaluation & Selection: We conduct a thorough and rigorous evaluation process to assess potential suppliers. Our evaluation process is designed to ensure that future partner align with our values and meet our requirements. We carefully examine a supplier's capabilities, quality management systems, compliance with industry regulations and standards, as well as their reputation in the market. Please check our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase  and our Privacy Policy.
  • Part / Service qualification: We verify that all necessary permits and approvals have been obtained, and that all products and materials meet applicable regulatory standards.
  • Contract negotiation & review: We seek to establish beneficial agreements which include factors, such as pricing, payment terms, quality standards, and compliance requirements. Our negotiations are conducted with the goal of building long-term success of both parties.
  • Supplier Performance Review: We constantly assess supplier performance and share information mutually. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of supplier performance are critical to our approach to responsible sourcing and supplier management.

We continuously improve procurement practices to deliver the highest quality and value to customers. We regularly review and update processes, identify improvement opportunities, and leverage digital tools to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with industry best practices

Documents and Job Aids 

Mettler-Toledo uses a cloud-based platform to interact with approved suppliers. The platform is for co-operation in industrial outsourcing and serves as an interface between Mettler-Toledo and its third-party suppliers.

  • Link to Jaggaer: Access to METTLER TOLEDO Supplier Portal (for registered and approved suppliers only)
  • MT Job Aid for Jaggaer Supplier Registration: Link
  • MT Jaggaer Supplier Assistance: Link
  • MT Jaggaer Supplier Assistance – Chinese: Link
  • Jaggaer Application for Admin Rights: Link 
  • MT Job Aid for Supplier Data Maintenance: Link
  • MT Job Aid for Jaggaer Supplier Purchase Order Management: Link 
  • MT Job Aid for Jaggaer Supplier Quote Processing: Link