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Business Partners

METTLER TOLEDO is committed to conducting its business ethically, legally and in a socially responsible manner. We expect our business partners to share this commitment.

Business Partner Code of Conduct

The Code applies to all activities of our business partners in their business relationship with us. It defines the minimum standards of business conduct and business practices we expect business partners to comply with in their business relationship with METTLER TOLEDO. Partners must also comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and codes of the countries in which they operate.

We encourage our business partners to work with their own business partners to ensure that they also strive to meet the principles of this Code or equivalent principles.

Download our METTLER TOLEDO Business Partner Code of Conduct:

English - Business Partner Code of Conduct

Spanish - Código de conducta para socios comerciales

German - Verhaltenskodex für Geschäftspartner

French - Code de conduite des Partenaires Commerciaux

Italian - Codice di condotta per i partner commerciali 

Chinese - 业务合作伙伴行为准则

Japanese - ビジネスパートナー行動規範

Russian - Кодекс корпоративной этики

Thai – หลักจรรยาบรรณทางธุรกิจสำหรับคู่ค้าทางธุรกิจ

Vietnamese - Quy Tắc Ứng Xử Đối Tác Kinh Doanh


METTLER TOLEDO's Ethical, Social and Quality Standards

In addition to the Business Partner Code of Conduct, METTLER TOLEDO applies high standards to its own actions. These are reflected in our Ethical, Social and Quality Standards applying to all our businesses worldwide, addressing the following topics: Legal Compliance, Ethical Conduct, Fair Competition, Anti-Bribery, Business Records, Third Party Rights, Environment, Quality, Product Responsibility, Security and Risk Mitigation, International Trade, Health and Safety, Human Rights, Working Conditions, Qualified Personnel, Implementation of Standards, Suppliers and Business Partners as well as Gifts, Entertainment and Gratuities.

METTLER TOLEDO Ethical, Social and Quality Standards

Transparency in the Supply Chain

The following information sets forth the actions METTLER TOLEDO is taking to uphold human rights in its Supply Chain.

Statement on Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Transparency in the Supply Chain

Conflict Minerals

METTLER TOLEDO's commitment with respect to "conflict minerals" in its products is included in its Ethical, Social and Quality Standards. The following Conflict Minerals Report for the 2018 calendar year was filed as an exhibit to Form SD on May 31, 2019.

Download the Conflict Minerals Report for the 2018 calendar year
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