Performance with Integrity

Performance with integrity is a fundamental value that supports all our corporate values. As much as innovative products, our success is built on sustaining an organizational culture committed to lawful and ethical behavior.

Our commitment to performance with integrity means not only complying with applicable laws in the markets in which we operate, but also fostering a do the "right thing" culture among our employees, taking care to partner only with like-minded people and organizations, and operating ethically and responsibly in our interaction with customers, partners, employees, suppliers, and shareholders.


Code of Conduct

The METTLER TOLEDO code of conduct provides general guidance for resolving a variety of legal and ethical questions for all employees. Topics covered under the code include:

  • Employment Practices and Conflicts of Interest
  • Environmental Compliance, Health and Safety
  • Antitrust, Fair Competition and Insider Trading Policy
  • Intellectual Property and Confidential Information
  • Antibribery and Corruption
Read more about our Code of Conduct

Corporate Governance

We recognize that strong corporate governance and transparent reporting are key drivers of long-term sustainability.

Our approach is described in comprehensive corporate governance guidelines

Environmental Policy

We are committed to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner that minimizes adverse impacts on the environment.

Read more about our environmental policy

Political Participation Policy

We have a long-standing policy of not participating in or contributing to political campaigns, individuals, or groups, and do not take positions in public policy debates.

Read more about our political participation policy

Business Partners

Our commitment to performance with integrity means communicating this commitment and having business partners that understand it and the role they play, as well as our expectations of their conduct.

Read more about our Business Partners

Contacting the Ombudsman

Maintaining a high integrity culture means communicating clear standards and responding appropriately to violations.

For more information regarding our standards or to report violations, you may contact our Ombudsman.

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