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Pipette Challenging Liquids

Know How

Overcome challenging liquids with this free poster

Pipetting non-aqueous liquids – such as those with higher viscosity, increased vapor pressure, corrosive samples or foaming reagents – require special handling to achieve consistent pipetting accuracy. Our free Pipette Challenging Liquids poster provides a quick primer on identifying these liquids and tips/techniques for pipetting them with greater accuracy and speed.

Air-displacement pipettes are the instruments most researchers use to transfer liquids in the lab. “Reverse pipetting” is an effective technique for accurately dispensing many non-aqueous liquids using an air-displacement pipette, but positive displacement pipettes are often a better option. Why? Rather than using a tip and air column to aspirate and dispense, their piston/capillary eliminates issues with air pressure and sticky liquids can’t adhere to the tip wall.

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NanoRep is the world’s first handheld repeater pipette capable of dispensing aliquots as low as 100 nL. 

  • Maximize flexibility with positive displacement technology
  • Reduce your risk of cross-contamination and speed workflows with No Touch Off™ dispense
  • Achieve accuracy and precision across a wide volume range: 100 nL to 50 mL
  • Simplify workflows with NanoRep’s bright color screen, joystick control and programmable/retrievable protocols