Pipetting technique tips for your laboratory

6 Ways to Pipette Like a Pro

A Collection of Posters with Pipetting Tips and Tricks to
Help You Achieve Better, More Consistent Results

pipetting posters
pipetting posters


These pipetting technique posters serve as quick references to display right in your lab. Learn how to implement good laboratory ergonomics, proper pipetting techniques and easy pipette maintenance between service calibrations so you can feel confident you're getting the right results.

These easy-to-follow tips are designed for anyone in the lab:

  • Stretch! 
    Practice all or part of this stretching routine several times a day

  • Bench Posture – It Matters!
    Prevent strain on your body during prolonged hours of sitting or standing

  • Get Better Results
    Consult this handful of techniques to achieve better results consistently

  • Pipette Challenging Liquids
    Overcome difficulties in pipetting challenging liquids using the primary workaround

  • Cleaning a Pipette
    Discover our strategies to keep your pipette clean when working with different sample types

  • Quick Check
    Check pipette performance by gravimetric analysis in 10 easy steps 
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