6 Pipetting Thumb Exercises to Prevent RSI | METTLER TOLEDO

6 Exercises to Strengthen Your
Pipetting Thumb

Stretching Regularly Can Help Prevent Injury

It's well documented that pipetting is a forceful and repetitive activity. Loading and ejecting tips, aspirating and dispensing, adjusting the volume –
all exert considerable force on your thumb.

But even when you're not pipetting, your thumb never really gets a break. It's involved in almost every activity you perform – from texting and typing to operating the TV remote. The effects of these forces accumulate, which is why your risk of developing a repetitive strain injury (RSI) increases over time.

Your comfort and well-being is a top priority, so we've assembled some easy hand stretches to increase your range of motion and strengthen your pipetting thumb. Coupled with our LiteTouch™ System (LTS™) pipettes and tips, they help you to minimize pipetting fatigue and the risk of developing a RSI.

Order our free poster and remember to take breaks and stretch throughout the day!