Free Infographic| How Does Track and Trace Work?

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Infographic: How Does Track and Trace Work?

Know How

Enabling information exchange for increased transparency in supply chain management

Traceability in pharmaceutical manufacturing is a requirement globally. Other industries are beginning to see the benefits as well. Learn more from this infographic for an overview of track and trace. Review the roles of the individual stakeholders to understand the processes involved and the potential benefits to each:

  • Manufacturer: In production processes, manufacturers utilize hardware (printers) to print serial numbers on packages. Cameras are then used to verify this information. The individual serial numbers are stored in a company database and order entry system, and shared with external partners to aid in product recalls, anti-counterfeit measures and ensure compliance.
  • Government or Authority: Serialized data is supplied by the manufacturer to a government database where it is saved to enable pharmacists or retailers to find information about a package. Additionally, this database offers authorities information about a particular product hierarchy, so they can trace product recalls more easily and potentially review for counterfeit medicines.
  • Consumer: The pharmacist or retailer can verify the authenticity of a package by checking the serial number on a package against that in the database, ensuring that their own supply chains are secure. In turn, consumers can be confident that the medicine they receive is accurate and safe to use (not a counterfeit).
  • Market: With a coordinated track and trace system in place, the market can identify the authenticity of a product, aid in consumer safety, offer compliance with regulations and provide a final layer of comprehensive anti-counterfeit measures.
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