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Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray Inspection
Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray Inspection
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Why X-ray Inspection of Food is the Right Choice!

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Sensible – Safe - Sound

Using x-rays to inspect food products makes an excellent solution, especially when you consider the results it can achieve - and how safe it is:

Sensible – The Sure way to Identify Contaminants
X-ray technology is the ideal solution to inspect food, identifying physical contaminants such as metal, glass, calcified bone, stone and dense plastic to guarantee product safety. Simultaneously x-ray systems can also measure mass, count components, identify missing or broken products, monitor fill levels, inspect seal integrity and check for damaged products or packaging, ensuring product integrity.

Safe – Low Radiation Levels and High Safety Limits
X-rays are very safe. Radiation levels used by x-ray inspection systems for food are exceptionally low, while x-ray inspection equipment operates work within very high safety limits. A study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed that radiation levels up to 10,000Sv (10,000.000µSv) do not affect food safety or nutritional value.

Mettler Toledo Safeline

Sound – A Sure and Proven Operating Environment

Machineoperators can be sure of working in a safe operating environment because the x-ray exposure they receive from a food x-ray inspection machine is

far less than the amount absorbed from naturally occurring background radiation. Natural background radiation contributes to 2,400µSv of radiation in a year from natural sources, whilst occupational exposure, immediately adjacent to an x-ray system, is less that 1µSv an hour.

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You don’t need to be an x-ray expert to understand why x-ray inspection of food is safe for everyone. A brand new Infographic in poster format explains you all the facts in a fun and easy to understand way.


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