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PLM Direct Software for Data Management and Serialization

Know How

Ensure serialization compliance on your production line

Where there is complexity in the setup of track and trace, we offer simplicity. The PCE Line Manager (PLM) Direct software solution provides integrated software for manufacturers running a single production line. Download the infographic to get an overview of how PLM Direct fits into your production line.

 Advantages to utilizing PLM Direct:

  • Serialization and Aggregation - Supports track and trace for one production line, offering a simplified method to connect device control directly to inventory and site management systems.
  • Easy Implementation – Software is preconfigured with the customer profile and preferred serialization or aggregation scenarios, allowing for minimal downtime at install.
  • Standard Data Exchange – Open xml interface allows direct connectivity to MES, ERP systems or cloud solutions.

METTLER TOLEDO is a track & trace partner, experienced in evaluating current systems in place and can make recommendations for improvements. With every serialization project, we take a thorough review of the customer's needs to ensure we meet the expectations of every stakeholder.

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