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7 Steps to Hygienic Workstations


Poster details daily steps to ensure scales are properly cleaned

Ensuring a hygienic workstation is easier said than done, especially when working with a variety of materials while utilizing weighing equipment. As a first step, selecting hygienically designed equipment can help to prevent the risk of contamination. METTLER TOLEDO has scales specifically designed for use in hygienic areas, including:

The next step in ensuring hygienic workstations is to properly clean equipment and the surrounding area. Operators can complete several daily tasks at their station to accomplish this. To remember all of the key steps in cleaning, we developed the 7 Steps to Cleaning Your Scale  Poster.

Download the poster and hang it in each workstation to ensure that no step is forgotten. 

What is required for efficient scale cleaning?

Start by working with hygienically designed equipment. Then, carefully follow your internal cleaning guidances (SOP's) and monitor and track your activities. For help developing appropriate SOP's, check out our Good Weighing Practice program.

What is the average cost of a product recall?

The average cost of a product recall is $10 million USD, but can be much higher depending on the product and the scope of the recall.

What causes a product recall?

Some of the top causes of product recalls include: contamination, wrong labeling, foreign bodies, and wrong recipe handling. For more details on product recalls and now to avoid them, download the free eBook.

What makes equipment hygienic by design?

Hygienically designed equipment is carefully constructed to eliminate contamination risks, for example not having any hidden edges or pockets where contamination or water can hide. Hygienic equipment should allow for wash down and easy run-off of cleaning solutions and water.