Quick Note: 5 Ways to Prevent Recalls for Confectionery and Bakeries ¦ METTLER TOLEDO
Know How

5 Ways to Prevent Recalls
for Confectionery and Bakeries

Know How

A product recall can put a companies brand at risk. Taking action steps
to optimize label control or formulation processes helps to reduce this risk.

The eBook "5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Recalls" discusses the top 5 causes of recalls and provides bakery and confectionary producers with solutions to: 

  • Reduce the risk of wrong batch mixtures
  • Reduce the risk of foreign bodies
  • Reduce the risk of wrong labelling 
  • Reduce the risk of under filling
  • Reduce the risk of contamination

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Product recalls can be devastating to a brands reputation. Luckily, there are steps that can be taken at an early stage in the production and planning process to help reduce the risks of a recall.

We have an array of solutions to prevent recalls, including: 

Recall Management

How to ensure optimal batch quality

Recalls due to undeclared allergens have steadily increased in recent years. Ensuring the right  ingredients are used for a recipe is an important step toward preventing this type of recall. The right formulation solution guides the operator through the process and reduces the risk of wrong batch mixtures.

How to be compliant to net content control

Every food producer has to ensure they follow the guidelines for packaged food. According to the pre-packaging regulation, food producers must check the correctness and completeness of the content of any packed product. Statistical quality control solutions ensure compliance and can optimize the fill quantity for each package. 

How to remove foreign bodies

Foreign objects in products including bread or confectionaries represent a high risk for food producers. Products, contaminated with plastic, glass or metal  need to be immediately withdrawn from the market. Metal or X-ray solutions in the line avoid these risks.

How to optimize label control

Recalls due to wrong labelling are still increasing. When controlling labels in production, manual process-control steps can be easily integrated into the manual net-content control step or can be automatically performed with a vision inspection solution.

How to reduce the risk of contamination

All production equipment is at risk of contamination. You need to know where contaminants hide and pathogens thrive. Any equipment that doesn’t meet hygienic design guidelines introduces unnecessary risk and inefficiency into your operation.