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Biotech and Hygienic Processes

When optimal conditions for microorganisms are an absolute must

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Pharma booklet


From water preparation to chromatography

Pharmaceutical grade water preparation
Inoculum preparation / Starter culture
Nutrient media preparation
Fermentation / Cell cultures
Buffer preparation


From whitepapers to webinars


Process Analytical Solutions - Optimizing Pharmaceutical Processes
Production processes and Purified Water quality can be assured through monitoring analytical parameters. For every stage of the manufacture of pharmac...

Application notes

Temperature Compensation in Pharmaceutical Water Compliance
This application note explains the temperature compensation in pharmaceutical water compliance.
UniCond® ISM Sensor Calibrator Meets Pharmacopeia Calibration Requirements
The United States Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopeia (EP) and all other Pharmacopoeias set strict guidelines for water quality and test equipme...
Dissolved ozone measurement in pharmaceutical water
Ozone (O3) is an unstable tri-atomic form of oxygen. It is a very strongly oxidizing gas that is injected into water to remove organics that may contr...
Enhanced Process Safety During Centrifuge Inertization
A leading global supplier of generic pharmaceuticals was able to enhance process safety and operational efficiency during centrifugation by using a ME...
Application Note: Improve Your Processes with ISM
In many ways, analytic measurements are at the heart of your process efficiency. Therefore, the lower your downtimes and maintenance requirement, and...
Use of TOC in CIP and Cleaning Applicaitons
This Application Note discusses the use of TOC in Clean In Place and cleaning validation technologies.

White papers

Water System Quality Control in a PAT Environment
The Quality by Design methodology and the Process Analytical Technology initiative help pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce products with consiste...
Ozone Application and Control for Pharmaceutical Waters
Dissolved ozone is an effective sanitizer for pharmaceutical and personal care products water systems.
Improving Water System Performance
This article discusses real time TOC monitoring in the water purification process and the importance of rapid, continuous and reliable TOC measurement...
ISM Optimizes Water Measurements to Meet Regulatory Compliance
Regardless of the production location of pharmaceutical products, the manufacturing company must meet the Pharmacopeia (USP, EP, ChP, JP, IP) requirem...
On-line TOC and Ozone Measurement For Pharmaceutical Waters
For a producer of medical biopolymers, a solution employing Thornton in-line multi-parameter measurements has significantly increased real-time respon...
New Trends in Vaccine Manufacture - From Egg to Bioreactor
Increasing worldwide demand for vaccines is resulting in manufacturers changing their production methods.

Competence Center

In-line measurements for batch-to-batch consistency and quality
To enable ideal growth conditions, batch-to-batch consistency and to achieve high yield and quality in Bio Pharmaceutical, Chemical Pharmaceutical pro...


Ozone Measurement and Application
Ozone is an effective sanitizing agent in water used for pharmaceutical and personal care products. Ozone sanitizes the water, rapidly destroying any...


eBooklet: Achieving the Highest Level of Performance in Bioreactor Process Control
This booklet highlights different analytical measurement challenges during biopharmaceutical fermentation that pharmaceutical companies may face when...

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