Enhanced Process Safety During Centrifuge Inertization - METTLER TOLEDO

Enhanced Process Safety During Centrifuge Inertization

A leading global supplier of generic pharmaceuticals was able to enhance process safety and operational efficiency during centrifugation by using a METTLER TOLEDO oxygen gas measurement system.
In a market that is affected by constant price pressure, process optimization is a key factor for profitability. METTLER TOLEDO offers measurement systems to provide enhanced process safety and efficiency in pharmaceutical processes.
Limiting oxygen concentration
The last step in the production of high-enriched penicillin entails centrifugation of the product to enable further processing to final drugs. Centrifuges play a key role in separating penicillin from water and organic solvents to obtain purified penicillin crystals. Safety and efficiency must always be given top priority in this separation process. To eliminate the risk of explosion, an inert nitrogen gas atmosphere serves to limit the oxygen concentration in the centrifuge. Consequently, the headspace is permanently purged by nitrogen. The INGOLD oxygen measurement system ensures that the limiting oxygen concentration (LOC) is constantly maintained, minimizing the consumption of nitrogen gas at the same time.
Precise oxygen measurements
During the separation of penicillin crystals from a mixture of water, ethyl and isopropyl alcohol, entry of air into the centrifuge has to be inhibited. If the oxygen concentration level exceeds 8 %, then staff and equipment are dangerously exposed to explosion hazards.

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