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    Multi-Parameter Transmitter M800

    Maximum Flexibility and Control

    The M800 multi-parameter transmitter provides simultaneous monitoring of one, two, or four in-line sensors for measurement of pH/ORP, optical DO, amperometric oxygen (DO as well as O2 gas), conductivity, resistivity, TOC dissolved ozone, flow, and turbidity, in pure water as well as process applications.

    ISM features available on all M800 models include Plug and Measure for fast sensor installation and start up, predictive maintenance information, and dynamic sensor lifetime status. Thanks to the iMonitor display, the condition of each sensor is determined at a glance allowing preventive action to be taken before processes are affected. The color touchscreen provides intuitive operation, with user selectable control and alarm management for challenging applications.

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    Sensor Type

    M800 Process 1-channel

    pH/ORP, optical DO, amperometric O2 (DO as well as O2 gas), CO2, conductivity, turbidityProcess AnalyticsAnalog or ISM

    M800 Process 2-channel

    pH/ORP, optical DO, amperometric O2 (DO as well as O2 gas), CO2, conductivityProcess AnalyticsISM

    M800 Process 4-channel

    pH/ORP, optical DO, amperometric O2 (DO as well as O2 gas), CO2, conductivityProcess AnalyticsISM

    M800 Water 2-channel

    Conductivity, TOC, pH/ORP, DO, ozone, flowWater AnalyticsISM

    M800 DP Water

    Conductivity, TOC, pH/ORP, DO, ozone, flowWater Analytics with PROFIBUS DPISM

    M800 Water 4-channel

    Conductivity, TOC, pH/ORP, DO, ozone, flowWater AnalyticsISM


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    Technical Specifications

    Transmitter Configuration Tool (TCT)


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    Specifications - M800 Multi-parameter / Multi-channel Transmitter

    ISM Plug and Measure, advanced diagnostics tools (DLI, ACT, TTM), iMonitor
    Current outputs4 or 8 depending on model
    ProtectionIP66, ½ DIN
    ApprovalsFM CI1 Div2, UL
    Digital Inputs4 – 6 depending on model
    Analog Input1
    User InterfaceColor touchscreen 5.7" TFT, 320 x 240 pixel, 256 colors
    Current Output8
    Service InterfaceUSB port
    Power supply100 to 240 V AC, or 20 to 30 V DC, 12 VA
    Password ProtectionYes
    Features and Benefits:
    • Simple operation through intuitive user interface
    Thanks to the intuitive menus and touchscreen display, all operations from installation to system diagnostics are greatly simplified. Minimum training effort and easy handling ensure maximum convenience and minimum errors.
    • Lower cost of measurement point
    One unit covers the whole range of major parameters for either process or water applications. Up to four sensors can be monitored with a single M800, significantly reducing installation costs and cost per measurement point.
    • Predictive diagnostics and improved maintenance management

    The unique iMonitor concept allows you to monitor the actual status of every sensor at a glance and offers predictive maintenance information to improve maintenance management and avoid unplanned production shutdowns.


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