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Syrgasgivare GPro 500

Samma bekvämlighet som med processinterna givare, med samma prestanda som hos en analysator

Syrgasgivaren GPro 500 med justerbar diodlaser är en unik analysator som passar in var som helst i din process tack vare det bredaste sortimentet av processinterna och online-processanpassningar. Den är välbeprövad tillsammans med process- och säkerhetstillämpningar som till exempel:

  • Processkontroll
  • Klorering och oxiklorering
  • Facklingssäkerhetskontroll
  • Förbränningskontroll
  • ESP-filterskydd
  • Ventilationshöljen
  • Ångåtervinning

TDL O2 Gas Analyzer Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a TDL sensor for measuring oxygen?

TDLs have many advantages over other oxygen measurement technologies. Firstly, they ar...

Why use a TDL sensor for measuring oxygen?

TDLs have many advantages over other oxygen measurement technologies. Firstly, they are installed in situ in the process pipe or vessel so are exposed directly to the gas and therefore measure immediately. Some other analyzers measure a sample of gas that has been extracted and conditioned, which takes time and increases risk. Secondly, TDLs are immune to the presence of other gases in the process and will only measure oxygen. Thirdly, they are extremely reliable and require practically zero maintenance.


Are TDL oxygen sensors easy to install?

Sometimes. Once the insertion point has been selected it’s a matter of fitting one or two flanges and a temperature and pressure sensor. Most TDLs are of a cross-stack design, meaning that they’re comprised of two parts (laser source and receiver) that sit opposite each other in the pipe or vessel. The two units have to be very carefully aligned which can be problematic. The GPro 500 has both parts installed in the same unit. The laser source is reflected by a three-sided mirror and is directed back to the receiver. Therefore, no alignment is required. Watch our video on easy Installation.


How can an oxygen TDL reduce costs?
Unlike other gas measurement technologies, TDLs have a very low maintenance requirement. Once installed they will run reliably for many months without needing any maintenance. When used in combustion processes they can ensure the fuel/air mixture is exactly right and can reduce fuel costs by thousands of dollars. For more information check our Payback Calculator.


In which applications can TDLs be used?

TDLs have a wide range of applications, including process control in direct chlorination and oxy-chlorination; safety monitoring in VCM waste gas recovery; and combustion optimization in package boilers, thermal oxidizers, fired heaters, FCC units, etc. For more information check our Apllication eBooklet.


Specifikationer - Syrgasgivare GPro 500
Uppmätt gas Oxygen
Effektiv banlängd Sensorer: 100, 200, 400 mm (3.94", 7.87", 15.75")
Cellplatta: 50, 80, 100 mm (1.96", 3.15", 3.94")

Utvinningscell: 200, 400, 800, 1000mm, 10m
Undre detektionsgräns 100 ppm-v
Mätområde 0-100%
Noggrannhet 2% av avläsningen eller 100 ppm O2, beroende på vilket som är högst
Linearity Bättre än 1 %
Upplösning <0…01% vol O2 (100 ppm-v)
Drift Försumbar (< 2 % av mätområdet mellan underhållsintervall)
Provtagningsfrekvens 1 sekund
Responstid vid (T90) O2 in N2 21% >0% in <2sek
Repeterbarhet ±0,25% av avläsningen eller 0,05% O2 (beroende på vilket som är högst)
Processtryckområde 0.8 bar - 5 bar (abs)/11.6 psi - 72.52 psi (abs)
Processtemperaturområde 0-250 ºC(32-482 ºF) Tillval (för sensorinstallation)
0-600 ºC (0-1112 ºF) med ytterligare termisk barriär

Funktioner och fördelar:

Justerbar diodlaser-spektroskopi

  • Pålitlig, industribeprövad teknik

Enkel att installera

  • Tack vare sondkonstruktion och enkel flänsanslutning

In situ-mätning

  • Direkta mätningar i gasflödet är snabba och pålitliga


  • För mycket tillförlitlig O2-mätning

Låg ägandekostnad

  • Ingen provtagnings- eller behandlingsutrustning Årlig kontroll och periodisk optikrengöring är det enda underhåll som krävs

Låg konsumtion av kvävespolning

  • För lägre driftkostnader

Förutseende ISM-diagnostik

  • Kontinuerligt övervaka den optiska banans kvalitet för att avgöra när rengöring krävs






Gas Analytics Brochure
Safety, quality, productivity: that’s what’s most important to you. And that’s why our approach to designing analyzers and sensors is based around a s...


Gas Analysis
In this free booklet we discuss the theory of absorption spectroscopy and how TDL analyzers are being employed in an increasing number of process and...
Kostnadsfri e-broschyr om TDL-mätning
Denna kostnadsfria e-broschyr ger en enkel överblick över ett urval av de vanligaste GPro 500-applikationerna.

White papers

White Paper: TDLs for All Your Processes – Folded-Path Gas Analyzers
Our portfolio of folded-path tunable diode laser (TDL) gas analyzers now has a unique range of process adaptions. Combined, they have opened the door...
White paper om gasanalysatorer
Denna tekniska rapport förklarar hur den nya generationen TDL-sensorer inte bara erbjuder enastående kostnadsbesparingar för bränsle, utan även elimin...
Measurement of Oxygen Concentration
Gaseous oxygen measurement with amperometric sensors is the most direct and easiest solution for protection against oxidation and explosion.
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Measurement of Oxygen Concentration
Gaseous oxygen measurement with amperometric sensors is the most direct and easiest solution for protection against oxidation and explosion.
Polarographic Oxygen Measurement
For the measurement of oxygen in continuous process analysis, several technologies are available.
Minimizing Inerting System Maintenance
This white paper explains how TDL O₂ sensor can minimize inerting system maintenance & how to integrate them into a DCS system for fully automated oxy...
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Teknisk specifikation


Safety Manual for TDLS GPro 500 - Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer
This document contains information and safety instructions required to use the GPro 500 with direct analog output option in SIL environments.
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Syrgasgivare GPro 500


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Syrgasgivare GPro 500
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