Cross-Pipe Adaption for GPro 500

Cross-Pipe Adaption for GPro 500

TDL Gas Analyzer for Wide Pipes

The GPro 500 with cross-pipe adaption is a tunable diode laser gas analyzer for installation in wide ducts and pipes. It provides accurate, consistent measurement in applications where gas concentrations can differ along the diameter.

Ensures High Process Availability
The cross-pipe GPro 500 adaption offers a stable measurement, can be fully field-serviced while the process is running and easily calibrated at-site.

No Sampling or Conditioning System
The cross-pipe GPro 500 works in dusty conditions without a maintenance-prone sampling or conditioning system, removing costs and downtime.

Fast Installation and Easy Alignment
The corner cube array has a reflective area 40% larger than conventional TDL analyzers, making it easy to position the laser beam for fast start-up.


Cross-Pipe Adaption for GPro 500
Specifikationer - Cross-Pipe Adaption for GPro 500
Effektiv banlängd 2-6 meters
Uppmätt gas Integrates with GPro 500 analyzers for Oxygen
Undre detektionsgräns Based on analyzer chosen
Kort beskrivning This process adaption connects to a GPro 500 gas analyzer for installation in wide pipes.

Features and Benefits

Stable Measurement in Large Pipes
The cross-pipe process adaption for the GPro 500 TDL analyzer enables in situ gas measurement of an extensive range of process gases in large pipes and ducts. It is designed for challenging conditions such as dusty, high-temperature, or noisy gas streams.
Flexible and Consistent Platform
Reduced Lifecycle Maintenance Costs
A major expense of many gas analyzers is the required maintenance-prone sampling and conditioning system. The cross-pipe GPro 500 does not require such systems, eliminating a significant maintenance cost driver compared to other technologies.
Fast, Intuitive Navigation
Simplified Installation & Reduced Costs
The GPro 500 is configurable, enabling the methane gas analyzer's measurement system to be paired with a variety of process adaptions to meet a wide range of installation requirements, including pipe diameters from 50 mm to over a meter.
Plug and Measure
Flexible for Many Applications
For maximum versatility, the cross-pipe adaption for the GPro 500 connects with all METTLER TOLEDO TDL gas analyzers. The on-site verification kit makes it ideal for applications where a high degree of safety is required or with long shutdown intervals.
Easy Configuration



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Denna kostnadsfria e-broschyr ger en enkel överblick över ett urval av de vanligaste GPro 500-applikationerna.

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Teknisk specifikation


Safety Manual for TDLS GPro 500 - Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer
This document contains information and safety instructions required to use the GPro 500 with direct analog output option in SIL environments.
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Cross-Pipe Adaption for GPro 500
USP Class VI


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Cross-Pipe Adaption for GPro 500
USP Class VI
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