4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™ Digital Floor Scales | METTLER TOLEDO

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™


Powerdeck™ digital floor scales offer the following key improvements over dated analog technology:

  1. Real-Time Operator Guidance
  2. A Rugged & Precise Platform
  3. Reduced Cost to Maintain
  4. Improved Visiability & Diagnostics  

For a one-to-one comparison of traditional analog floor scales and the new Powerdeck™ digital scale, download the free comparison guide.

Floor scales – an important part of any production facility, and often a source of headaches those who uses them, until now. New Powerdeck™ digital floor scales utilize the proven POWERCELL® technology used in our truck scales and weigh modules today.


Powerdeck™ Technical Specifications

Hungry for more information on Powerdeck™? We thought you might be! Check out the product page for additional material, including:

  • Full Product Brochure
  • Datasheet
  • Technical Specifications



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