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White Paper

X-ray Inspection - More Than Just Contamination Detection - Free PDF Download

White Paper

New White Paper Explains How X-ray Systems are Multi-tasking Defenders of Product Quality

X-ray Inspection More Than Just Contamination Detection
X-ray Inspection More Than Just Contamination Detection

This new white paper, X-ray Inspection - More Than Just Contamination Detection explains how in addition to being contaminant detectors, x-ray inspection systems are capable of identifying many quality shortfalls that lie deep within products or hidden within their packaging.

For years food and pharmaceutical manufacturers have relied on x-ray inspection technology to detect and reject harmful physical contaminants such as glass, metal, mineral stone and calcified bone. However, did you know that modern x-ray systems are also a powerful tool for enforcing quality control?

The 12-page paper provides an overview of how x-ray inspection works before going on to explain that in a single pass and at high line speed, x-ray systems can simultaneously:

  • Measure length, width, area and volume
  • Identify missing or broken products and packaging
  • Spot missing inserts or products
  • Measure overall and zoned mass
  • Check fill levels and zoned fill levels
  • Measure head space
  • Detect the presence of a vacuum
  • Detect product in seal.

Readers will discover how x-ray systems can detect anything from missing tablets in a blister pack to misaligned chocolates in a gift box. They can even check whether garlic baguettes contain the right amount of butter in each slot and spot if a pack of cereal bars has one bar missing.

By catching integrity faults before products leave the factory, x-ray inspection helps to ensure that products contain no shocks, surprises or disappointments, keeping customers happy whilst helping manufacturers fulfil their brand promise and avoid product recalls.

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