Medium to High Turbidity Measurement (Backscatter Light Technology) - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO
Medium to High Turbidity Measurement (Backscatter Light Technology)

Medium to High Turbidity Measurement (Backscatter Light Technology)

Functioning on the basis of optical fiber technology

Medium to High Turbidity Measurement (Backscatter Light Technology)
Medium to High Turbidity Measurement (Backscatter Light Technology)

METTLER TOLEDO backscattered light sensors with optical fiber technology have been designed as high-performance sensors for use with static or retractable housings. Ruggedized construction permits use in harsh industrial environments, and selected models are well temperature-resistant, also easily withstanding repeated SIP/CIP procedures.

Alternative material versions are available for use depending upon aggressiveness of the sample medium.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved process control
  • Reduced investment costs
  • Low maintenance

Products and Specs

Products and Specs



Brewing Industry Brochure
This industry brochure highlights the availability of quality solutions for quality brewing.
Sense Your Success with Intelligent Sensor Management
Made in Switzerland: a phrase that has been synonymous with quality for over a hundred years. At METTLER TOLEDO we uphold the radition of Swiss craft...

Case Studies

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Optical product monitor
Deciding when to switch valves on conditioning tanks as they empty can either impact filter presses, or lead to lost beer. For Molson Coors, transferr...
Success Story: Less Product Loss, Less Effluent at Crediton Dairy
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Safer Effluent Treatment
Turbidity measurement is important for monitoring flocculant treatment of wastewater. Inefficient use can result in contaminants entering drainage sys...
Turbidity in ChemPharma Crystallization
Turbidity measurement in pharma API production during crystallization is an important measurement for improving process control, reducing investment c...


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