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Immersion Process Adaptions (Housings)

Immersion Process Adaptions (Housings)

Process analytical solutions for uncomplicated handling

Immersion Process Adaptions (Housings)
Immersion Process Adaptions (Housings)

Immersion housings of the InDip range from METTLER TOLEDO are designed for use in open tanks and channels. They allow the easy mounting of electrodes/sensors with Pg 13.5 thread for immersion into the sample media. They are available with different immersion depths. Wetted parts are made of robust, resistant polymer materials to withstand aggressive and abrasive applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy method of electrode/sensor immersion in open tanks or channels.
  • Quick installment of electrodes and sensors.
  • Various immersion depths. 


Case Studies

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Accurate pH Measurement in Cobalt Oxide Synthesis
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