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Pure Water Transmitter

Pure Water Transmitters

Transmitters for Water Analytics in Pure Water Systems

Pure water transmitters are analytical transmitters designed for monitoring critical water purity parameters, such as conductivity, total organic carbon, ozone, pH and dissolved oxygen in purified waters or steam cycles. METTLER TOLEDO water transmitters offer an easy-to-use interface, provide calculated measurements and visualization of sensor diagnostics to reduce maintenance efforts. Multi-parameter water transmitters are available to monitor up to 8 measurements at one time.

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What is a pure water transmitter?

Pure water transmitters are a critical component of measuring water quality to ensure the control of corrosion and deposition throughout water systems to provide a safe working environment, as well as the longevity of plant equipment. METTLER TOLEDO pure water transmitters measure the purity level of water from a sensor and further communicates that data back to the user or higher level system in a clear and concise manner.

What measuring parameters are covered by METTLER TOLEDO pure water transmitters?

METTLER TOLEDO offers a range of multi-channel water transmitters that cover critical parameters for water analytics, including measurement of pH/ORP, resistivity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, optical DO, amperometric oxygen, TOC, flow and turbidity measurements of pure water.

How can I make configuring transmitters less time consuming?

All METTLER TOLEDO pure water transmitters feature Transmitter Configuration Tool (TCT) software that diminishes the typically complex, time-consuming and frustrating process of configuring multiple transmitters. TCT is a PC-based program that allows users to efficiently pre-configure a transmitter on their PC or laptop and within seconds upload that file to multiple transmitters. Users can also configure transmitters at the transmitter itself, or at a desktop outside the work environment by using the provided USB port.

Can pure water transmitters measure multiple parameters at one time?

Yes, there are water transmitters that measure multiple parameters at the same time. These are called multi-parameter, multi-channel water transmitters. This category of water transmitters is optimal for situations where multiple parameters need to be measured. A multi-channel water transmitter can also be used when you need a redundant measurement for compliance purposes. Some multi-parameter water transmitters can also provide calculated measurements, such as calculated pH based on conductivity.  Water transmitters in the METTLER TOLEDO portfolio can display up to eight measurements at a time.