Transmitter Configuration Tool (TCT) - METTLER TOLEDO

Transmitter Configuration Tool (TCT)

Extremely convenient transmitter configuration tool software enables instrument setup to be completed on a PC and then downloaded into the instrument. This can save many hours pushing buttons, especially when configurations are duplicated on multiple transmitters or multiple systems. The software also provides secure backup configuration for the end-user on site.

  • Configure transmitter firmware offline using a personal computer (PC).
  • All transmitter keypad programmable features can be done on the PC.
  • Upload PC configurations to a transmitter.
  • Download transmitter configurations to PC.
  • Save application specific configurations in a library folder on the PC for future use.
  • Print transmitter configurations to a txt file.
  • Transmitter calibration factors can be printed to a txt file.
  • Simple data logging of data stream.
  • Simple easy-to-use software.


Transmitter Configuration Tool (TCT)
Simple calibration and installation