ORP Sensor Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7/120

ORP Sensor Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7/120

Refillable ORP Probe with Liquid Electrolyte

The Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7/120 is a refillable analog ORP probe for in-line measurements of Redox/ORP in biotech applications. This 120 mm refillable ORP sensor with Viscolyt electrolyte is a reliable pH measurement solution.

For Use in Extreme Conditions
The Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7/120 uses a pressurizable reference electrolyte to ensure measurement stability and low maintenance in harsh applications.

Refillable Sensor with Long Lifetime
This ORP sensor uses a refillable Viscolyt electrolyte to ensure reliable results over a long lifetime and extended refill intervals.

Watertight connection
The IP 68 watertight cable connection provides excellent signal transmission in all environments.

ORP Sensor Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7/120
Specifications - ORP Sensor Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7/120
Analog or ISM Analog
Measurement Parameters ORP/Redox
pH membrane glass type None
Junction type Triple junction refillable
Sensor Length 120 mm
Temperature Signal None
Connection Type S7
Solution ground / Redox metal Platinum
Electrolyte Viscolyt
ORP range Measures ORP
Pressure resistance (bar) 0 to 6 barg (in pressurized housing)
Pressure resistance (psi) 0 to 87 psig (in pressurized housing)
Reference system Argenthal with silver-ion trap
Sterilizable Yes
Autoclavable No
Diaphragm Ceramic
ATEX Certification No
FM approval No
IECEx Certificate of Conformity No
Measuring Temperature Range (imp) 32 to 226° F
Measuring Temperature Range (metric) 0 to 130° C
Material Number(s) 59904275

Features and Benefits

Reliable in Demanding Applications
The Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7/120 refillable ORP sensor uses a pressurizable reference electrolyte that ensures permanent self-cleaning of the diaphragm. This leads to long-term ORP measurement stability and low maintenance in harsh applications.
Long Electrolyte Refill Intervals
This refillable pH sensor uses Viscolyt electrolyte. This electrolyte has a limited flow, which means longer operation before refill is needed.  This reduces the required regular maintenance of your refillable pH sensor.
Meets Your Installation Requirements
The Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7/120 has an argenthal reference system with two diaphragms. It is designed to prevent protein and silver sulfide preciptation on the diphragm. With a 120 mm length, it is optimal when short installation lengths are needed.
Accurate, Reliable Measurement System 
The Pt4865-50 ORP electrodes are designed with long-term accuracy and reliability in mind. They are refillable liquid-electrolyte pH probes with three diaphragms, offering reliability and accuracy, a long sensor lifetime and high pressure resistance.



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ORP Sensor Pt4865-50-SC-T-S7/120
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