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Portable pH Meter

Portable pH Meters

For Periodic pH Measurements in Industrial Environments

Portable pH meters are designed for periodic pH or redox measurements in industrial applications. The handheld pH meters from METTLER TOLEDO are easy-to-use and offer high measurement accuracy in a robust, weatherproof design. The portable pH meter's ergonomic design allows one-handed operation and its light weight makes measurement easy and convenient.

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What is a portable pH meter?

Portable pH meters are mobile pH meters that connect to pH sensors for periodic pH or redox measurements on the go. They are also known as handheld pH meters and are designed for industrial applications. Since they are desgined for use in the field, METTLER TOLEDO portable pH meters can stand up to your industrial environment.

What METTLER TOLEDO portable pH meters are available?

METTLER TOLEDO's primary portable pH meter is Pro2Go. It is compatible with both analog sensors and pH sensors with digital Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) technology. This means it has full sensor diagnostics, including DLI, ACT and TTM. Pro2Go’s intuitive menu ensures out-of-the-box operation for anyone. The meter’s ergonomic design allows one-handed operation for both big and small hands. The light weight of the portable pH meter Pro2Go, makes measurement easy and convenient, even over lengthy periods of repeated measurement. METTLER TOLEDO also offers the pH 1120X portable pH meter, which is specially designed for use in potentially explosive areas in the chemical industry.

How does a handheld pH meter work?

A portable pH meter collects data from spot measurements in the field and stores them in its internal memory. Pro2Go can store up to 2000 data sets and can connect via micro-USB to a computer for data transfer and for powering.

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