InPro 2000i Digital pH Sensor & InPro 2000 Analog pH Sensor
InPro 2000

InPro 2000 & InPro 2000i pH Sensors

Refillable pH Sensors with Integrated Temperature Sensor

The InPro 2000 and InPro 2000i by METTLER TOLEDO are refillable and pressurizable pH sensors that offer distinct features to ensure pH measurement accuracy and reliability. Designed with a domed-glass, pH-sensitive membrane and automatic temperature compensation, the InPro 2000 pH sensor family is proven to succeed in extreme environments. Applications for the InPro 2000 and InPro 2000i range from biotech processes requiring in-situ sterilization to dirty industrial chemical processing.

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What is the InPro 2000?

The InPro 2000 is a family of refillable pH sensors with an integrated temperature sensor designed for demanding applications to ensure accurate measurements. With an extensive operational lifetime, this sensor is proven to be reliable and can provide significant savings when properly maintained. With its domed-glass, pH sensitive membrane and automatic temperature compensation features, the InPro 2000 is able to succeed in extreme environments. The InPro 2000i is a digital pH sensor that uses ISM advanced diagnostics that adapt to your process and help plan for maintenance.

What is the difference between the InPro 2000 and InPro 2000i?

The difference between the InPro 2000 and the InPro 2000i is that the InPro 2000 uses analog technology while the InPro 2000i is an ISM digital pH sensor. ISM advanced predictive diagnostics are available on the InPro 2000i digital sensor. The InPro 2000i also allows for the measurement of ORP.

Why are there different electrolytes available with InPro 2000?

To cope optimally with the conditions prevailing in different types of chemical processes, a variety of electrolytes are available with the InPro 2000 and InPro 2000i. The 3M KCl is a classic electrolyte offering high flow for improved junction cleaning, Viscolyt™ has limited flow for reduced maintenance needs, and Friscolyt™ is ideal for process media with high protein or organic solvent content, and in low temperatures.

Which model of the InPro 2000 measures ORP?

The InPro 2000i digital pH sensor has the ability to measure ORP (oxidation-reduction potential, or redox) in addition to pH. ORP is an important parameter to describe the electrochemical condition in a process. It is often used in chemical processes and is a common measurement in biotech applications as well.

What ISM features are available with the InPro 2000i?

The InPro 2000i gives access to all ISM features when integrated with the appropriate transmitter. These include the Time to Maintenance (TTM) indicator, which gives a predictive indication of when electrolyte will need refilled and the Adaptive Calibration Timer (ACT), which uses process conditions to diagnose when a calibration will be needed. The InPro 2000i also has Plug and Measure technology, which allows you to hot-swap a sensor by calibrating it away from the process and then quickly implement it into the process without the need for calibration at the measurement point.