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pH Sensor Pure Water pHure ISM

Convenient Measurement in Pure Waters.The pHure sensor with an internally-pressurized gel reference system delivers ease of use to simplify pH monitoring in low conductivity water. This Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) pH sensor provides predictive sensor-health diagnostics.

High Dependability in Low Conductivity

The pHure sensor with pressurized gel electrolyte design delivers convenience with highly accurate pH measurements for pure water applications.

Fast Response Time

This pH sensor, when combined with a low volume housing to prevent particle accumulation, ensures a fast, reliable response time.

Advanced Sensor Diagnostics with ISM

The pHure sensor uses ISM advanced diagnostics that adapt to your processes to help plan calibration and maintenance of your pure water pH sensor.

Specifications - pH Sensor Pure Water pHure ISM
Process Connection
¼" NPT(F) in/ out
Operating Temperature (Celsius)
0 °C - 80 °C
Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit)
32 °F - 176 °F
Sample Flow rate
50 to 150 ml/min
Sample Conductivity > (μS/cm)
Cable Connector
Hazardous Area Approvals
Hygienic/Biocompatibility Approvals
ISM (Digital) or Analog
ISM (Digital)
Measurement Parameter
Model Family
Operating Pressure (Bar)
0-7 barg @ 100 °C
Operating Pressure (PSI)
0-101 psig @ 212 °F
Other certificates
pH Range
1 – 11
pH Sensing Technology
Glass Membrane Suitable For Low Temperatures (LoT)
Primary Media/Application
Power Plant Water/Steam; Semiconductor Water; Other Water Processes
Reference System
Gel Electrolyte
Refillable Electroyte
Sensor Length
120 mm
Shaft Material
Temperature Sensor
Material Number(s)

Reliable Low Conductivity Measurement

Designed to excel in challenging conditions, pHure sensors deliver highly accurate pH measurement in pure waters. Stability of the reference diaphragm/junction potential provides monitoring consistency in low conductivity applications.

Faster Response, Simplified Maintenance

With a special glass membrane and an integrated temperature sensor, the pHure sensor ensures a fast, reliable response. Prioritize convenience by extending lifetime and minimizing maintenance with the internally pressurized gel electrolyte.

Increase Process Uptime

Leveraging ISM technology, seamlessly upload calibration data from lab to process for fast, error-free start-up. Achieve uptime and maintenance goals with predictive diagnostics on sensor calibration or replacement needs adapted to your process conditions.

High Measurement Stability

The pHure sensor’s controlled sample flow path with minimum volume reduces the accumulation of corrosion particles around the electrode membrane. A sealed stainless steel housing prevents contamination from air and provides electrical shielding.



Data Sheet: pHure pH Sensor
Accurate, continuous pure water monitoring can reduce expensive unplanned maintenance, downtime and capital equipment expenditure. The pHure Sensor w...


Sensor Calibration & Maintenance Tools

PC based software designed to guide you through sensor maintenance, calibration and record keeping for ISM Sensors.

Material No.: 30130614

This is a USB iSense adaptor for connecting ISM 1-wire sensors to iSense or iSense Mobile for pH, DO and CO₂ measurement and sensor calibration.

Material No.: 52300383


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pH Sensor Pure Water pHure ISM
USP Class VI
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