Case Study

Success Story: ISM Increases pH Sensor Lifespan

Case Study

In Titanium Dioxide Production at Kronos

pH Success Story
pH Success Story

Kronos Titan is one of the world's largest manufacturers of titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is the most widely used white pigment and pH control is vital during its production. Kronos was experiencing challenges with very short pH sensor lifespan of as little as 12 hours. The solution offered to them by METTLER TOLEDO was the InPro 4260i pH sensor with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) and the M700 transmitter. Now, with the InPro 4260i, pH sensor lifespan has been extended to over two weeks. Since installation, Kronos has significantly lowered their pH measurement operating costs.

This success story summarizes how METTLER TOLEDO increased pH sensor lifetime at Kronos so dramatically. The document describes in details how:

  • The InPro 4260i pH sensor lowers operating costs
  • The sensor’s solution ground prevents destruction of the reference system
  • Digital ISM sensors optimize process control

InPro 4260i from METTLER TOLEDO is a combined pH and temperature electrode designed for highly demanding chemical applications. The electrode sensor features XEROLYT® EXTRA polymer reference electrolyte for precise pH measurement and longer lifetime, even under in the most challenging environments. InPro 4260i has an open junction that, which eliminates clogging, and . The electrode is resistant to poisoning substances, solvents, and strong acids.

The pH electrode has an integrated ISM functionality, which allows Plug and Measure installation and advanced sensor diagnostics. ISM is METTLER TOLEDO's advanced sensor technology, which incorporates intelligent algorithms into the sensors. ISM simplifies the installation, handling, and maintenance of measurement equipment. It reduces the risk of sensor failure and improves process reliability.

The M700 transmitter is a multi-parameter  transmitter that offers flexible use of plug-in modules that enable combined measurements from digital and analog sensors., which provides information about critical sensor parameters. It is available in a coated stainless steel enclosure, especially designed for applications in harsh environments.