Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Fast and Accurate Mobile Oxygen Measurement and Calibration

Portable dissolved oxygen meters provide a fast, efficient way to implement at-line monitoring at various points in your operation. METTLER TOLEDO's InTap portable dissolved oxygen analyzer is a lightweight tool for monitoring dissolved oxygen at ppb levels. This portable DO analyzer uses optical oxygen measurement technology to get an accurate reading with minimal maintenance required.

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What is a portable dissolved oxygen meter?

A portable dissolved oxygen meter is an instrument for at-line monitoring of dissolved oxygen in an industrial process. They are commonly used to do testing of DO concentration in a process at locations where a continuous, in-line DO sensor is not required or possible. They can also be used at sampling points near an in-line DO sensor to verify that the sensor is correct, and to calibrate the in-line sensor. METTLER TOLEDO's primary portable dissolved oxygen meter is the InTap portable optical dissolved oxygen analyzer.

What type of sensor does the InTap portable dissolved oxygen meter use?

The InTap portable dissolved oxygen meter uses a special optical dissolved oxygen sensor designed for brewing applications. It is based on the same technology that is in METTLER TOLEDO's InPro 6970i low-ppb optical dissolved oxygen sensor for breweries.

How much does the InTap portable dissolved oxygen meter weigh?

The InTap portable dissolved oxygen meter weighs 3.2kg, or 7lbs, making it easy to move around your brewery or production site.

How can I use a portable dissolved oxygen meter to calibrate an on-line DO sensor?

The InTap portable dissolved oxygen meter is designed specifically to deal with the challenges of calibrating in-line DO sensors and reduces calibration workload by as much as 50%. The portable DO meter can be used at a sampling point near an in-line sensor, and uses Bluetooth communication to write the calibration information directly to any in-line DO sensor equipped with a T100 Bluetooth adapter, quickly and without any manual input. This reduces both time and potential for error during calibration.

How much memory does the InTap portable dissolved oxygen meter have?

The InTap has 8GB of digital storage and can store data for up to 99 measurement points. The data are recorded by the InTap portable dissolved oxygen meter and can be saved on a USB drive for further documentation and analysis.