Case Study

Don't Waste CO₂ When Purging Beer Tanks

Case Study

Case Study on Portable Oxygen Meter for Beer Tanks

Portable Oxygen Meter Case Study
Portable Oxygen Meter Case Study

Purging bright beer tanks with carbon dioxide is an important step in keeping oxygen out of beer, but using a time-based method for purging can waste CO2

This case study discusses how a US craft brewer has reduced CO2 use with a convenient, portable oxygen meter.

It covers key issues around beer production including:

  • How to determine when a tank is fully purged
  • Why use a portable meter for dissolved oxygen measurement
  • How to be more confident in product quality

Bent Water Brewing Co. is a brewery located in Massachusetts, USA. They use CO2 to purge oxygen from the headspace in bright beer tanks to minimize dissolved oxygen levels in final products. They employed a time-based method to determine when tanks were fully purged, but this is an imprecise technique that can mean excessive use of costly CO2. METTLER TOLEDO offered the craft brewer the InTap™ portable oxygen analyzer. Using a highly precise optical sensor, InTap measures dissolved oxygen levels down to 2 ppb to suit a wide range of brewery applications from purging to monitoring filling lines.

METTLER TOLEDO's InTap portable oxygen meter offers the following advantages:

  • Mobile oxygen measurement: InTap’s Bluetooth communication technology allows calibration information to be conveniently written directly from the meter to in-line optical DO sensors. It has a cleanable flow-through design for at-line sampling.
  • Easy operation: Touchscreen interface provides intuitive operation and the large, high-resolution screen allows data to be clearly seen from a distance.
  • Measurement point tracking: InTap allows operators to easily tie measurement data to different places in production, and maintain records point-by-point. It store data for up to 99 measurement points.
  • Withstands everyday knocks: Piping connections are in-set on the side of the unit, reducing the risk of damage to these parts when using or transporting InTap. The IP 67 enclosure resists wet environments.