Digital Analytical Balance

Optimized Workflow with Digital Analytical Balances

A digital analytical balance is a crucial tool in many scientific fields due to its accurate and reliable measurements in laboratory settings. They use an electronic sensor and digital screen to measure and display the weight of a substance down to a fraction of a milligram. METTLER TOLEDO digital analytical balances have automatic calibration, tare functions, and data logging capabilities.

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Advantages of METTLER TOLEDO's Digital Analytical Balances

Digital Analytical Balance

Automatic Weighing

With the optional powder and liquid dispensing modules, XPR digital analytical balances are easily upgraded to prepare samples and solutions in a fully automatic process. Read more

Easy Cleaning Digital Analytical Balance

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning your digital analytical balance is quick and easy thanks to clever design features such as fast-release draft shields and the hanging weighing pan. Read more

Easy Documentation Digital Analytical Balance

Easy Documentation

Simplify results handling and documentation with our EasyDirect™ Balance data management software for Advanced and Standard level digital analytical balances. Read more

Comprehensive Data Management Digital Analytical Balance

Comprehensive Data Management

For our Excellence level digital analytical balances, LabX™ laboratory software takes care of all data automatically, provides centralized control, and assists with compliance with 21 CFR part 11. Read more

High-Performance Weighing Cells Analytical Lab Balance

High-Performance Weighing Cells

METTLER TOLEDO weighing cells are expertly designed and precisely engineered to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Robustly Built for Longevity Digital Analytical Balance

Robustly Built for Longevity

Metal casings, overload protection, and high quality materials ensure your digital analytical balance will perform reliably for many years to come.

Avoid the Hidden Errors Caused by Static

Avoid the Hidden Errors Caused by Static

Our antistatic solutions help to eliminate electrostatic charges and hence prevent one of the major hidden sources of weighing errors. XPR digital analytical balances also have static detection technology. Read more

Accessories Make Life Easier

Accessories Make Life Easier

Customize your weighing processes with our wide range of accessories: ErgoClips, printers, Wi-Fi adapters, protective covers, and more. Read more

Benefit from Our Weighing Expertise

Benefit from Our Weighing Expertise

Get the most out of your digital analytical balance by taking advantage of the free information we offer on lab balance selection, installation, cleaning, routine testing, calibration, maintenance and more. Read more

Flexible Service Packages Digital Analytical Balance

Flexible Service Packages

By purchasing a METTLER TOLEDO digital analytical balance you can benefit from our wide range of services and create a customized package that suits your precise needs. Read more

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FAQ - Digital Analytical Balances

What is a digital analytical balance?

A digital analytical balance is a modern electronic instrument that processes the weight measurement signal by digital/electronic methods. Digital analytical balances have a digital display where the result is displayed in numbers, in contrast to an analog balance where the result is read from the position of a pointer against a scale. The result on a digital display is unambiguous, whereas reading off an analog scale can give rise to subjective reading errors. However, with an analog scale, it is possible to determine measurement values in fractions of the scale intervals. The smallest possible increment on a digital analytical balance or an analog scale is known as the scale division, d.