200g Analytical Balance

Advanced Analytical Balances for Precise Measurements and Readability

An analytical balance with a capacity of 200g is a weighing device used in analytical chemistry, quality control, and research and development settings where high levels of precision and low levels of error are required. METTLER TOLEDO has a wide range of balances with enclosed weighing chambers to protect samples from external influences and internal calibration weights to ensure their accuracy of up to 0.1 milligrams (0.0001g).

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Analytical Balance 200 g – how can I quickly identify analytical balance capacity?

The most common capacity of an analytical balance or analytical scale is 200 g, although there are many models available with a capacity of 100 g and 300 g. METTLER TOLEDO analytical balances actually offer capacities from 52 g up to 520 g. The extra grams of capacity are to account for the use of a tare container. However, an analytical balance is defined according to its readability, which must be 4 decimal places (0.1 mg) or more. On METTLER TOLEDO analytical balances, the numbers in the model name provide an indication of the capacity, with the last number specifying the number of decimal places of readability. For example, the XPR205 is a 200 g analytical balance (220 g in practice) with 5 decimal place readability (0.01 mg) and the MS104TS is a 100 g analytical balance (120 g in practice) with 4 decimal place readability (0.1 mg).