Standard EasyPlus Refractometers

Essential Benchtop Refractometers for Your Routine Applications

EasyPlus refractometers are analytical instruments that automatically measure the refractive index or Brix of liquids. They provide everything you need for routine applications in a strikingly small footprint: fast measurements with automatic temperature control, small sample volumes, low operator dependency, and more. The simple user interface and robust yet compact design make these refractometers ideal for scientists, technicians, or anyone who needs to measure refractive index or Brix in the lab or on the factory floor.

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How do EasyPlus refractometers control the temperature of the sample during measurements?

The EasyPlus refractometers have a built-in Peltier temperature controller that heats or cools the measuring cell to the required temperature (e.g. 20°C). Once the sample is added to the cell, it is brought to the set temperature. As the sample volume is very small (a few drops), it takes only a short time for it to reach the desired temperature. The measurement is done in a few seconds.

What is a Brix refractometer?

Most refractometers measure refractive index and Brix. Brix is a unit used to measure the sugar concentration in liquids. Strictly speaking, °Brix is defined as the number of grams of sucrose in 100 grams of a water-sucrose solution. In practice, however, the content of other sugars or sweeteners is often also expressed in °Brix. A Brix refractometer is a refractometer which measures only Brix (it measures the refractive index and converts the measured value to Brix using an internal table).

What concentrations can be measured with METTLER TOLEDO EasyPlus Refractometers?

The Easy R40 has built-in tables for Sugar (Brix, HFCS42, HFCS 55, Invert Sugar, and Oechsle), Chemicals (1-Propanol, 2-Propanol, Ethylene glycol, Propylene glycol, Glycerol, Methanol, and NaCL) and Freezing point (Ethanol, Ethylene glycol, Propylene glycol, Methanol, and NaCL). The measured refractive index is automatically converted into the selected concentration.

Is the user interface available in different languages on the EasyPlus Refractometers?

The following languages can be selected in the EasyPlus refractometer’s setup menu: English, Italian, Russian, Polish, French, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Chinese, German, Spanish, and Thai. The same languages are also available for the EasyDirect PC software.