Seven2Go pH Meter I Accurate & On-the-Go

Seven2Go Portable pH Meter

For Precise In-Lab and Outdoor pH Measurements

Seven2Go™ is a compact and portable pH meter that determines pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and ion concentration. The meter is equipped with a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, making it very easy to operate. Seven2Go™ is commonly used in various industries such as laboratories, environmental monitoring, water treatment, and food processing.

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Advantages of Seven2Go Portable Meters

Waterproof Design

Waterproof Design

With IP67, the Seven2Go™ meter is completely protected against dust. It can withstand harsh and demanding environments and immersion in water up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Rubber Holster

Rubber Holster

The Seven2Go™ meter comes with a rubber holster offering protection again drops, dirt, chemicals, and UV light. These can also be purchased separately in case of a loss or replacement.

Drop Test

Drop Test

Fieldwork poses risks of accidental drops. Seven2Go™ meters can withstand the impact of a drop, providing valuable advantages in challenging environments.

Swift Navigation

Swift Navigation

The T-Pad and smart button arrangement on these handheld pH meters allow faster navigation through menus, providing a shorter time to the actual measurement.

Mobile Lab Optimized

Mobile Lab Optimized

The Seven2Go™ meter features accessories designed to create a mobile laboratory where calibration and measurement setup can be completed in the field.

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What can a Seven2Go portable meter be used for?

The Seven2Go™ portables are engineered to provide users with fast-quality data, one-handed operation, and durability. Ideally suited for mobile applications in the laboratory, at-line, or outdoors, the new line of pH/mV, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and ion portables provide highly accurate and reliable measurements through a simple menu and intuitive operation.

To learn more, watch our video The New Seven2Go Portables – Everywhere You Measure pH


What are the key advantages of the Seven2Go meter?

Some of the key features of Seven2Go™ include:

  • Intuitive menu, 12 languages, and a user interface that uses complete words and sentences
  • StatusLight™, an easy-to-understand traffic light, helps to check if your meter is ready or not
  • Automatic/Manual temperature compensation
  • Linear, non-linear, and pure water temperature correction mode
  • Automatically recognizes InLab ISM® (Intelligent Sensor Management) sensor and stores sensor ID, serial number, and last calibration data, thereby reducing chances of error


What is the difference between an ISM light and a normal version of the Seven2Go?

Some of the key differences between an ISM® (Intelligent Sensor Management) light and the normal version are as follows:

  • Only the recent calibration data can be reviewed with ISM light, whereas with the normal ISM version, up to the last five calibration data can be recorded and reviewed.
  • The sensor name and serial number cannot be viewed with the light version. With ISM normal, the sensor id is automatically transferred to the meter and appears on the display.
  • The light version does not provide additional information like maximum temperature, but in the normal ISM version, the maximum temperature is automatically monitored and can be reviewed anytime in the meter. Click here to learn more: Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®)


Are USB printers compatible with the Seven2Go portable meter?

The data from a Seven2Go™ portable meter can be transferred to a PC for printing with different methods, depending on the model and configuration of the meter. One of the methods is via USB printers. However, one needs to check the specification to ensure which USB printers are compatible with the Seven2Go.