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Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®)

ISM® is a sophisticated safety concept that leaves nothing to chance. The instrument automatically detects the connected sensor and uses the most up-to-date calibration data stored on the sensor chip.

 SevenGo Duo pro™
 SevenGo pro™(SG9) 
 SevenGo Duo™ 
Current calibration:Following the connection of the ISM® sensor, the calibration data of the sensor is transferred to the meter and is used automatically for the subsequent measurement
Storage of Calibration Data:After calibrating an ISM® sensor, the calibration data is automatically transferred from the meter to the sensor and is stored on the data chip of the sensor
Sensor-ID: Following the connection of the ISM® sensor, the sensor ID is automatically transferred to the meter and appears on the display
Factory calibration: The electrode certificate with the factory calibration of an ISM® sensor can be viewed in the meter and transferred to a printer or PC
5 calibration data records: The last 5 calibration data records are stored in the ISM® sensor and can be viewed at any time in the meter printed out or transferred to a PC
Temperature: The maximum temperature to which an ISM® sensor is exposed during a measurement is automatically monitored and can be viewed in the meter at any time
DO membrane:  
When you replace a DO membrane you can use the meter to store the date of replacement in the ISM® DO sensor and call up this date later on
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