100 mL 2-Piece EasyMax 402 Reactor

For EasyMax 402 Reactor Systems

Due to constraints caused by material availability, cost, and waste recycling, chemical and process development tend to use small reactors.  Because reactor systems enable precise and accurate experimentation, detailed and accurate process development data is obtained at 50 mL to 100 mL scale.  Small glass vessels are the most commonly used reactiors in research and development in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  

The 100 mL two-piece reactor is designed not just to hold temperature probes and pH, but also process analytical probes including In Situ FTIR Spectroscopy or Particle Size Distribution tools.  The 100 mL two-piece glass reactor can be used with:


100 mL EasyMax 402 2-Piece Reactor
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Specifications - 100 mL 2-Piece EasyMax 402 Reactor
Material Number(s) 30125690

Glass Reactor

Vmin: 30 mL
Vnom: 100 mL
Vmax: 150 mL

Bottom Drain Valve


Temperature Range

-40 to 180°C

Pressure Range

Vacuum to ambient

Suitable for Calorimetry


Designed for

EasyMax 402


Glass or PTFE cover set (not included; see Accessories)


Borosilicate glass


Overhead stirrer (not included)

Additional Accessories Included

Reactor stand for 100 mL reactor
Reactor clamp


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100 mL 2-Piece EasyMax 402 Reactor