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What is a wet area scale?

Wet area scales are usually stainless steel scales that are designed specifically for use in production areas that require the equipment to have frequent exposure to water or other liquids. Wet area scales include stainless steel bench scales, floor scales, or other weigh module systems.

Our PBA639 / PBD659 weighing platform family is a new generation of wet area scales engineered for easy cleanability.

How accurate is the METTLER TOLEDO wet area scale?

The digital PBD659 wet area scale from METTLER TOLEDO offers approved readability from 0.5g to 200g, depending on your weighing capacity. 

METTLER TOLEDO also offers a variety of other digital or analog wet area scales, so you can contact your local representative to find the best fit for your operation.

How to use a wet area scale?

A wet area scale is operated the same way as a regular scale. Simply place the load on the wet area platform and read the measurement on the weighing indicator. When cleaning, a wet area scale has no cavities or crevices for bacteria or water to hide, so the process to sanitize a wet area scale is much faster and easier. The PBA69 / PBD659 wet area scales also have optimized feet to enable tool-less leveling so that operators can place the platform back in its original location after cleaning and easily continue working, eliminating cleaning downtime.

Where to buy a wet area scale? What is the best wet area scale to buy?

METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of wet area scales to fit your production needs. In regulated, hygienic environments, ease of equipment sanitation is as important as the operational performance. It is becoming increasingly important to streamline cleaning processes to not only eliminate contamination risk but also maximize productivity. The PBD659 / PBA639 stainless steel weighing platforms enable you to address these challenges with an optimized hygienic design.

How do you calibrate a METTLER TOLEDO wet area scale?

A wet area scale is calibrated the same way as a regular scale, using certified test weights to verify accuracy and repeatability. Your local METTLER TOLEDO service technician can work with you to determine your scale's calibration needs and develop a regular maintenance plan to ensure equipment longevity.