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Do you know which Service is the right one for your instrument?

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1. What are the advantages of Good Weighing Practice (GWP)?

GWP® helps to support consistent quality, reduce your operating costs, and maintain the full compliance of your entire weighing program. We can help with everything from finding the right balance or scale to making sure that your balance or scale remains fit-for-purpose over time for weighing results you can trust.

2. Why do I need Good Weighing Practice (GWP)? Our balance or scale is a METTLER TOLEDO device. Isn't it accurate enough?

All METTLER TOLEDO devices are of the highest quality and capable of excellent accuracy. However, are you sure your balance or scale fulfills your intended purpose? GWP® can help make sure it does. Also, the weighing performance of even the most accurate device changes over time. This is why weighing devices need to be maintained, calibrated and tested periodically to ensure consistent performance.


3. Who should use Good Weighing Practice (GWP)?

GWP® is relevant for every business where weighing is part of the value chain, whether it is in a laboratory, production environment, or other processing area. It is suitable for any weighing process large or small as well as all new or existing weighing equipment from any manufacturer in any industry and workplace.