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XP-K Comparators

XP-K Comparators

Top measurement performance and full traceability up to 5400 kg

XP-K Comparators

Products and Specs

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Products and Specs
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Maximum Capacity
Material No.: 11120810
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Maximum Capacity1100.0 kg
Readability0.5 g
Material No.: 11120800
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Maximum Capacity150.0 kg
Readability0.05 g
Material No.: 11120815
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Maximum Capacity2500.0 kg
Readability1.0 g
Material No.: 11120820
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Maximum Capacity5400 kg
Readability10 g
Material No.: 11120805
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Maximum Capacity600.0 kg
Readability0.1 g


Expand your high-capacity mass-determination knowledge

Case Studies

METTLER TOLEDO Provides Traceability According to FAA
Commonly it is assumed that all calibrations for FAA devices are to be made traceable to NIST. However, in a letter to the FAA, NIST states that calib...


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Features and Benefits
Worldwide leading measurement performance
With up to 6 million points resolution even high demanding industrial applications as well as accurate calibrations are covered with highest precision and flexibility.
Centering aid
For easy centering and best performance the XP-K is standard equiped with an centering aid
Performance boost
The combination of the draft shield with the optional LevelMatic ™ eliminates corner load effects by gravimetric centering and enables highest performance for up to 5400 kg.
Draft shield
With the draft protecting ring system even in demanding environmental conditions highest performance can be achieved. The open top allows easy access and enables efficient workflow.
WeighCom application
With the integrated WeighCom application, mass determination processes are performed safe and efficiently by user guided processing at a finger tip. The user can select from 32 References and 8 processes and include air buoyancy correction.
Exact operation 
The touch screen display allows simple and fast operation and comes with the Weighing and WeighCom application.
Up to eight users can configure, save and recall individual settings. With defineable user rights, senstitive data is protected.
Quality assurance
Integrated Quality management tools warrant data safety and their documentation.
With the optional MCLink software, mass determination with complex processes are realized and data is retrieved automatically at a glance.
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