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Bench Scale ICS435s-B120/t/M

Reliable Performance.

Strain Gauge Technology

ICS435, the basic weighing level solution is optimized for quick and easy weighing applications. It features a numeric keypad for quick pretaring.

Durable and Rugged

Tough enough for use in industrial environments with aluminum die cast housing, overload protection and robust foil keypad.

Withstands Harsh, Dry and Dust-Contaminated Environments

The IP65-approved PBD655 Platform digital platform series is built for challenging environments.

Specifications - Bench Scale ICS435s-B120/t/M
Maximum Capacity
120 kg
Readability (Certified)
20 g
Repeatability (sd)
1.2 g
Platform Size (Length)
400 mm (15.7 in)
Platform Size (Width)
500 mm (19.7 in)
Platform Size (Height)
86 mm (3.4 in)
Platform: Carbon Steel; Terminal: Aluminium diecast
Protection Rating
Graphic LCD with backlit
Platform: Carbon Steel; Terminal: Aluminium diecast
2 g
Repeatability (typical)
1.2 g
Hazardous Approval
Application Software
Dynamic Weighing; Simple weighing
Legal for Trade
Data Interface
Serial; USB; Ethernet; WLAN
Simple Weighing; Dynamic weighing
Dusty & Light Wet (IP65)
Hazardous Area
Non-hazardous area
Battery Version; AC Version
Scale Interface
Interfaces (Optional)
USB; Ethernet; RS422; RS485; WLAN; Discrete I/O
Hygenic Design
Performance Optimization
MinWeigh: Minimum Weigh determination acc. your tolerance limits; Easy Scale Leveling: For fast & precise leveling; High Resolution: Special aluminum strain gauge load cell
Process Integration
Variety of Interfaces: For easy process integration; 1 Standard & 1 Optional Interface: Serial, USB, Ethernet, WLAN, Dig. I/O; Control Additional Platforms: 1 platform attachable
Data Management
Convenient Printing: Easy creation of print & label templates; Custom Print Formats: Odette, AIAG, Galia etc.
Compliance Support
Intuitive User Guidance: Prevents from operator errors
Mobile Operation: Battery optional available; Good Readability: Graphic LCD-Display with backlit; Numeric Keypad: For fast operation; Versatile Scale: For demanding weighing tasks in dry environment
Platform Type
Bench Scale
Legal for Trade Class OIML
Class III
Zero Return (typical)
0.9 g
Error of Indication at half load (typical)
1.6 g
Hysteresis (typical)
2.1 g
Eccentric Load Deviation at 1/3 of Full Load (typical) (Metric)
7.6 g
Error of Indication at full load (typical)
2 g
EasyPrint Name
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Bench Scale ICS435s-B120/t/M
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