Legal-for-Trade Bench Scales | NTEP & OIML Trade-Approved

Legal-for-Trade Bench Scales

Certified Trade-Approved Bench Scales for Selling Product by Weight

Legal-for-trade bench scales are tabletop weighing scales which are rigorously tested and certified for use in business transactions where products are sold by weight. Trade-approved bench scales are required to ensure fairness to both buyer and seller, and they are sealed at the point of manufacture to prevent tampering and help you to pass audits by applicable regulatory bodies.

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Why is it so important to have a bench scale certified trade-approved?

Legal-for-trade scales are enforced by regulations for legal-for-trade applications. It prevents tampering and helps you pass audits with ease by regulatory bodies. 

Which industries use legal-for-trade bench scales?

Legal-for-trade scales are certified for use in business transactions where products are sold by weight. 

How often should legal-for-trade bench scales be calibrated?

Legal-for-trade scales need to be calibrated regularly due to stringent accuracy standards in order to maintain consistent product quality and comply with regulations. Periodic calibration by a service engineer is the best way of maintaining accuracy, ensuring scales always perform within defined process tolerances. Click on the Request Info button to get more in-depth answer for your specific needs.