METTLER TOLEDO | Bench Scales 0.1 g Readability / Tabletop 0.1 Gram Scale

Bench Scales 0.1g Readability

Precise Weighing Results with Capacities up to 60kg

Bench scales with 0.1g readability and capacities up to 60kg support a range of tabletop weighing processes including counting, checkweighing, or portioning. Choose from models with NTEP and OIML certifications, hazardous-area approved designs, and easy-to-read displays to find the best fit for your weighing needs.

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Clean Up to 40% Faster

Easily achieve higher hygienic standards and boost cleaning speed by up to 40% with less effort with the PBD659 / PBA639 stainless steel weighing platforms. The innovative open platter and stainless steel design prevent moisture accumulation and allow you to eliminate contamination risk in regulated environments.

Cleaning Contest: Hygienic Scale vs Traditional Scale

The PBA639/PBD659 platform is designed to strictly adhere to hygienic design guidelines, facilitate quick and easy cleaning, and meet higher accuracy standards to optimize your processes and reduce costs. The video shows how the hygienic platforms enable you to boost cleaning speed by up to 40% in comparison with a conventional platform.

See the ICS scales in action

This series of short videos gives quick insights into how Industrial Compact Scales can help you improve your weighing processes. Learn more about the benefits of ICS scales, including fast and accurate weighing, efficient cleaning, easy printing and convenient mobile use

Take the Next Step in Smart Weighing

Achieve easy handling and error-free operation in picking and packing applications with the smart algorithms of InVision™, combining weighing with visual recognition and picture capture. The smart scale directly connects to production and ERP systems for full data visibility and visual proof of successful order fulfillment Read more

SpeedWeigh™: Increase Weighing Efficiency and Boost Yield

Speed up every weighment while simultaneously ensuring accuracy and compliance, with SpeedWeigh™ – which utilizes Anticipation Mode to automatically adjust readability based on preset requirements. Pair with Pick&Pack to boost productivity and ensure kit completeness. Gain time back from every weighment, and watch operational benefits add up fast! Read more

Improve Order Picking and Packaging - Never Miss a Piece Again

With Pick&Pack, you can compile kits and packages with multiple items, parts, components with different sizes, shapes and weight – and still achieve 100% kit completeness. Pick&Pack's easy to understand operator guidance features reduce human errors to zero, eliminating rework and customer complaints Read more

Versatile and Compact with the Highest Precision

If you want to improve the efficiency or your weighing processes in hazardous areas, ICS466x is the right choice. Read more

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What are the benefits of a MT bench scales 0.1g readability?

Bench scales with 0.1g readability are precise scales that offer higher accuracy which leads to less production failures and helps you avoid bad batches. 

Why should I choose the bench scales 0.1g readability?

METTLER TOLEDOs 0.1g readability bench scales are precise and accurate to support a wide range of weighing needs. Whether that is counting, checkweighing or portioning, you can count on MT bench scales to provide the accuracy you need. 

Does a bench scales of 0.1g readability need to be portable?

You can choose from an optional rechargeable battery-powered bench scale or an AC mains supply.