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Financial Risk Calculator

ROI CalculatorIf your truck or rail scale acts as a cash register for your business, then you understand the importance of a dependable scale.

A dependable scale should always be accurate. You need to know that your scale is weighing accurately every time. An inaccurate scale could be giving away thousands of dollars in product each year, or charging too much and destroying your company's reputation. The cost of lost business due to scale downtime can add up quickly. Expensive service repairs are another costly consequence of a scale you cannot depend on.

The vehicle scale experts at METTLER TOLEDO have developed a Financial Risk Calculator to determine the danger your company's profits could be facing with a scale you cannot depend on. Discover the significant savings potential from making the switch to a METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scale. 


  • Accuracy, Reliability and Service you can depend on are critical when it comes to your truck scale.  This calculator shows you the financial risk your company may face with a scale that is not dependable, and the potential savings from making the switch to METTLER TOLEDO scales.

Disclaimer: METTLER TOLEDO provides this calculator as a service to help customers in analyzing the potential benefits of purchasing METTLER TOLEDO products.  The calculator, however, only provides estimates.  Such estimates are not a guarantee of savings or returns.  Ultimately, each customer shall be fully responsible for making its own determination as to the suitability of METTLER TOLEDO products for its own particular use.   Also, the calculator is based on limited parameters. Other factors, which might also have an influence on results, have not been taken into account. Further, the calculators are provided "as is". The information has been compiled in good faith but does not replace any product documentation such as datasheets nor may it be used or be understood as part of a quotation.  This document and the calculator are being provided as information only.  METTLER TOLEDO disclaims all express and implied warranties including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  METTLER TOLEDO does not warrant or make any representations regarding the validity, accuracy or reliability of any results of use of the calculator or with respect to the completeness or accuracy of the provided information.  In no event shall METTLER TOLEDO be liable for any damages, including direct, consequential, incidental, or special, even if METTLER TOLEDO has been advised of the possibility of such damages, and even if damages arise as a result of METTLER TOLEDO's negligence.  METTLER TOLEDO shall not be responsible for any modifications made to this calculator by any customer, dealer or other third party. By clicking on the calculator links or otherwise utilizing the calculators, you acknowledge that you have read, agreed to, and understand this Disclaimer.